If you are seeking to find a way back to an industry that excites you, to do the work you love, and to be who you were born to be - it's time for action.
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Wanting to return back to the workforce? Not confident with your approach? Partner with our trustworthy team, who will empower you towards fulfilling your potential.
Want to expand your capacity by branching out to a new frontier? If you're seeking to re-imagine your career, we're here to help you transfer your skills to build on your career success.
"People are so impressed whenever I speak about ReCapture that an organisation is actually recognising that there is a pool of highly capable and exceptionally skilled women and taking a unique approach that truly captures talent"
Jana, Tardis Diversity Candidate
Resume Builder

A detailed guide on what you should be including in your resume. Templates included.



Meet Phebe Cho

Phebe is a visionary leader, passionate about creating a workplace culture that cultivates human potential. She believes that a thriving workplace creates a space for everyone to contribute their unique story, perspective and ideas.



Building A Healthy Work Life Balance

At Tardis, we believe that agility and flexibility are key to bringing out the best in our people. Work is a part of who we are, and human beings achieve their best when their WHOLE lives are thriving.




Drawing From Outside The Box

As a recruiter, one of the biggest frustrations is when clients are so narrow in their focus of what makes a great candidate. To get to where we need to be, we need to be bold and embrace new ways of doing things.



Phebe's Personal Story On Returning To Work


"When I left I was pretty sure I was never coming back...."



Expanding your team: 4 Reasons You Want To Partner With A Recruiter


Here are 4 ways recruiters can be invaluable to your organisation....